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You know that society has faced the same challenges for far too long.

       You realise that these problems can’t be solved by using the same thinking that created them.

              You feel that youth are an important, yet largely untapped, source of creative potential.

                     You know that a new idea in the hands of passionate people is a powerful force.

                            You realise that ideas shouldn’t remain as ideas, but should be turned into reality.

                                    You believe in practical action, not empty idealism.

That’s why 180 Degrees has been formed.

We’re about identifying unmet social needs and developing innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions to address them.

That’s how 180 Degrees is different.

               We’re about ideas, not idealism.

               We’re about doing, not dreaming.

               We’re about helping up, not handing out.

180 Degrees unites people in the belief that ideas are powerful when turned into action, and youth can be catalysts for real social change.